Subscribing to feeds means that I can centralize (and remember!) all of the different websites that interest me and have the potential to teach me something new.  Like the guy on the “RSS in Plain English” video said, it saves time, so I don’t go out searching the web and checking each website every time I look for updated information or news.

Most of the sites I subscribed to are music-related.

-My band sorority’s blog

-The National Association for Music Education (MENC) website

-a couple education blogs

-…and my new favorite: — a site dedicated to sharing news about the latest in music technology

Looking around I found one particular post that fascinated me titled “Excited or Insulted? Writing Songs with Only ‘Shower’ Experience – Microsoft Songsmith.” The post is about a new Microsoft program called Songsmith.  This program provides you with different rhythmic feels to choose from, lets you sing something into a microphone and then matches musical accompaniment to what you sang. Amazing!!  The post noted that there are obvious pros and cons to this technology — from the view point of the music educator.  I think that this would be a great program to use with a general music class at the 6th or 7th grade level.  I also think that this tool is great for introducing the concept of song writing, but not for developing the skills necessary to continue writing songs as a musician.  The software only costs about $20, making it a VERY affordable program in comparison to other music technology programs on the market today (–and for the most part the software that is more expensive is much better, so it’s a trade off…).